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Scrum, et overblik for ledelsen

Scrum is a for working that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years – it is a way to organize projects and other initiatives so that organizations will get the most out of their efforts.Many are familiar with the use of Scrum in software and other product development projects, the core pattern and the underlying principles has a much wider application.

If the leadership in an organization adopts the same principles then the strategic and tactical levels of the organization can begin work together in a radivally new way. The organization will focus on customer needs in a new way and seek constant improvement, over time a new culture that supports this will evolve.

We introduce Scrum to executive leadership through effective short workshops.

Working the Scrum way will influence both tactical and strategic areas, so results will improve. Scrum is part of what often is called “Agile”,  and it shares a lot of ideas and philosophy with the whole Lean wave but there is a special focus on the strategic and leadership aspects.

  • Scrum helps to manage changes, uncertainty and changing demands, also strategically.
  • Scrum helps the leadership to make the most of their efforts – to make the best choices.
  • Scrum helps everyone get into a mode where constant improvement is the focal point.
  • Scrum will demonstrate how estimation and planning can be improved with greater accuracy as a result.

After the latest financial crisis the leadership of companies and organizations have an increased pressure on their shoulders to make the most of the resources that are available. There is a call for a holistic view on the whole organization, not just a single project. It is not any longer to sub-optimize a corner of the organization.

Lean deals first and foremost with the “how” to make things efficiently. Scrum is just as much about the “what” we choose to use our resources on and “why”. Steve Denning wrote in his book “Radical Management” that this work method combines “Accelerated innovation combined with discipline in execution“, something he had never seen before.

Interested? We have short company workshops for people in organizations who are involved in the strategic decisions. Four hours one afternoon, an evening or during the weekend only costs DKK 6,000 excl. VAT. We will take you through the principles, explain why the strategic work is important, how to get started and harvest early results. Last but not least, we argue the case that management should be interested and involved. We start with the organization as it is, and find the evolutionary potential in the present.

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