Back to the library [here...](../index.html) > When adding interesting stuff to our much liked library, we like to highlight intreresting new stuff and also give some recommandations to something to read, keep going... #Revision 181201 A minor release with new discoveries of PDF files ## News under 'People' Some extra interesting things around Daniel Kahnemann and his revolutionary ideas around the fragility of humand decision making has popped up, look under people / Daniel_Kahneman Daniel Pink is a well known author, one of his works (Drive) is now available as PDF ##News under Topics Under "Estimation" there is a good starter on how to calculate uncertainties: #Revision 180809 During the summer 2018 there was time to do a lot of research into the undergrowth of thinkers in complexity, leadership and cognitive psychology. Several new sources were found and there is so much free material available for the avid reader or student. We proudly present the latest version of our online Agile Lean Library for our network. Hopefully this saves you some hours of googling when researching. ## News under 'People' * **[Daniel Kahneman](** is an Israeli/American psychologist and Nobel prize winner for his work in behavioral economics. He is called "The king of Human Error" because he documents the many cognitive biases that are at work when human beings make decisions or pass judgement. He is definitely a pessimist, but a kind and pleasurable one. We have found a lot of material from and about him, especially the Guardian in the UK have published many articles. There is also an excerpt from his seminal work "Thinking, Fast and Slow". * **[Mathew Stewart](** is an American philosopher, turned Business consultant, turned confrontational author. He came to realize that his whole world of consultancy was pretty close to fraud, making people pay for what they don't need. He is quite amusing but his messages are also quite disturbing. There are some excerpts from key book "The Management Myth". * **[Russell L. Ackoff](** was professor in Management Science at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, and a pioneer in the field of operations research, systems thinking and management science. It was surprising to get to know his work and quirky statements. He assembled throughout his life the so-called F/Laws of management, all the engrained mistakes that are regularly made - and made - and made again, read about it [here...](../AgileLeanLibrary/People/RussellLAckoff/ALittleBookOfF_Laws.pdf) ## News under 'Topics' * **Complexity** we found a whole book in PDF form: [Complexity demystified](../AgileLeanLibrary/Topics/Complexity/Complexity-demystified_2011May26_Pre-pub.pdf), definitely worth a read. #Revision 180429 * **Anders Dysvik** is a Norwegina accademic, who has published significant papers on the topic intrinsic motivation, find a lot of his stuff under "People" / "AndersDysvik". * **Jeff Sutherland** has pubished an article about his concept for scalin Scrum up the organization, find it [here...]( ../AgileLeanLibrary/Topics/_ScalingScrumAgile/AgileAtScale.pdf) * **David Marquet** much new information, complete slide decks ec. concerning "Turn the Ship Around". * **C. Northcote Parkinson** A real classic has been found, his original "Parkinson's law" from 1955 about the growth in the number of bureaucratic employees. # Revision 180311 * **John Boyd and the OODA Loop**, read about it under topics 'OODALoop', this is a major update and has been the topic for substantial study during the last period. You can find a quick intro Boyd and the OODA loop here [here...]( ../AgileLeanLibrary/Topics/OODALoop/15670827-John-Boyd-Lessons-from-a-fighter-pilot.pdf) * **Amy Edmondson on Teaming**, read about it under people 'AmyEdmundson', for example a quick intro here [here...]( ../AgileLeanLibrary/People/AmyEdmundson/The Importance of Teaming - HBS Working Knowledge - Harvard Business School.pdf) # Revision 170805 * **Imperial Leaders**, read about it under topics, for example about J.P. Morgan [here...]( ../AgileLeanLibrary/Topics/ImperialLeaders/It Takes Jamie Dimon Three Hours to Earn What Some of His Employees Do In One Year - BillMoyers.pdf) * **Toyota's trouble**, read from the economist [here...]( ../AgileLeanLibrary/Organizations/TheEconomist/The%20machine%20that%20ran%20too%20hot%20_%20The%20Economist.pdf) * **Old Ken Schwaber stuff**, have a look here: AgileLeanLibrary/People/KenSchwaber/Pre2005 # Revision 170401: * **_TrainingArtifacts** – A lot of new downloadable templates and stuff to read * **CoreScrum** – A new version of our compendium for trainings [here...]( * **Vidoclips** – Especially the very funny TED talk by Ernesto Sirolli [here...]( # You really should read these challenging entries * **The Puritan Gift** – Read the very important book online [here...]( Back to the library [here...](../index.html)