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teamcollaborationslim We help organizations with getting the most out of their efforts. We teach Scrum and other Agile and Lean disciplines in a down-to-earth and effective manner.

Sometimes we also help implement the way of working on-site.

We would be happy to come and give you a quick introduction to the benefits you can reap. Read more here…

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KurtNyereAll courses are given in Danish unless otherwise stated by Kurt Nielsen (Certified Scrum Trainer, Cynefin Advanced Practitioner, Certified Less Practitioner)

Registration for all courses either via phone +45 6168 9118 via email

From a Scrum Master’s diary

marit_ween_brekkenOne of the Scrum Masters that we are in regular contact with is Marit Ween Brekken from Oslo. Marit needed some new ideas for her Retrospective with her Team. We stepped through the “The Future Backwards”exercise and she chose to try it, read about how that went here…